Tips about Use of the Battery Powered Chain Saws


When it comes to using a powered chainsaw, there are tow options. The petroleum saw is powerful and used for heavy duties. The battery powered saw is less powerful and used for lighter duties like cutting poles and clearing fences. The battery powered chains saw is a good thing to be having at your disposal since you can use it anytime you want. Otherwise, you would need to hire someone to do the job for hire and be costly in the long run. The battery powered chain saw requires being handled by a skilled person for safety purposes.

When you want to get the battery powered chainsaw, you would have to consider some factors. The length of the chain is important depending on the type of work you want to do. If you want a saw that you can trust to handle the more complex task, you need one with a long chain. Together with is the power of the saw. The power of the saw is measured in volts. The higher voltage saw is more powerful. A saw that can be sued for a variety of uses should also be powerful. A combination of a powerful and long saw can handle most of the task you would need.

Safety follows as another feature that must be considered when buying and using a battery powered chainsaw or even a gas chainsaw. Moving chains can be dangerous to you if they come into contact with your body. You can ensure your safety be having the safety helmet, gloves, gumboots, and safety trouser. Even if they don’t offer full protection, they help minimize the possibility of injury and its extent if it happens.

The battery consideration is top factors to consider when buying your battery operated chainsaw. With a petrol saw, you would be ok with some backup and refill every time it runs out of fuel. The same case applies for the battery powered since you have to recharge it once it gets out of power. The problem is time to taken to recharge as it can take some hours depending on the type of battery. The nickel-cadmium battery takes hours to recharge while the lithium-ion battery recharges in approximately one hour. Another advantage of the lithium battery is the battery life. It won’t easily loose capacity to hold a charge like the alkaline based batteries. The time a battery can keep power is measured in terms of amperes per hour, the volume of work done or hours worked.

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